Corruption the axis of religions and politics
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During this year 2020, humanity has been manipulated by the different governments of the world, and the PROTECTION OF ALL RELIGIONS, led to a fear of something non-existent, such as the SARC-CoV2 VIRUS, or also called COVID-19, ONLY WITH THE PURPOSE OF CONTINUING WITH THEIR THEFT AND CORRUPTION, not hesitating to KILL AND LIE, in order to achieve their final goal, which is "KEEP MAN SUBJUGATED

Man has been subjected to a great lie, and men, not having God in their spirits, have been manipulated, not thinking or carrying out the teaching of Jesus Christ, who visited the LEPERS, ate their food, drank from its water, AND DID NOT GET CONTAGED, I do not use GLOVES OR MASKS.

Corruption equals robbery, and robbery is a capital sin of God Jehovah, WHICH HAS NO FORGIVENESS.

The states of the world STEAL, both in the name of God and in the name of politics.

JEWS, owners of diamonds and other riches.

CATHOLICS, owners of all the wealth left by others.

PROTESTANTS (EVANGELICS), Created by the Catholics to deceive those who were leaving "their flocks"

 Why don't religions have God? Because God says YOU WILL NOT STEAL, and since they steal by hand, they CANNOT HAVE GOD.