The denial of Jesus by the Jews
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2018 years after the birth of GOD MADE MAN, JESUS CHRIST, his chosen people, the JEWS, continue to deny him.

2018 שנה לאחר לידתו של אלוהים עשה האדם, ישוע המשיח, העם הנבחר שלו, היהודים, ממשיך להכחיש זאת.

But they had no qualms about KNEELING AND SUBJUGATING THEIR PEOPLE, through the CORONAVIRUS farce, is it because it is their invention to subjugate the people of God? But do not forget, you, the JEWS, who like to read books so much, like the TOHRAH, that in that same book, Jeremias, clearly told you, "DAMN THE MAN WHO TRUSTS IN MAN", and to endorse what Jeremias said , Jesus Christ visited the LEPERS, AND THE RARE THING, I DON'T USE MASKS OR GLOVES, SINCE HE HAD GOD IN HIS SPIRIT AND SOUL, which means that you, who put on MASKS AND GLOVES, DO NOT HAVE GOD, EVEN IN YOUR SPIRITS NOT IN THEIR SOULS.

Why do they pray, pray or ask God so much, if with one hand they have the law of GOD, and in the other they have a machine gun to KILL HIS BROTHERS, since God, on the table given to MOSES, on the mountain Sinay, especially for her people, at one point says "YOU WILL NOT KILL ?.

So many years denying God I made man in Jesus Christ, and before the proposal of a virus, raised by a man, or did you also know it? You turn your back and subjugate TOSOS THE MEN OF THE EARTH.

I am a warrior of God, just like JEREMIAH AND JESUS CHRIST was, we are not guided by men's sayings, our guide is GOD and his commandments, delivered to MOSES on Mount SINAI, under the premise of abiding and making them abide by. Continue to implore GOD IN HIS WALL of laments, since that is only A SAD AND POOR WALL, in which you believe you pay for your sins and thefts.

המשך להפציר באלוהים בחומת הקינה שלו, שכן זה רק קיר עצוב ועני, שבו אתה מאמין שאתה משלם עבור חטאיך וגניבותיך.

The Jews must let the world know what Jesus told them in the Sanhedrin-

סנהדר, and why they sent him to kill with the Romans, why do they continue to deny it?