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Assessing Jews, masters of the world economy, killed Christ to continue profiting, in the name of God.

The rules of Mark Zuckerberg, who, like a good JEWISH THIEF, stole the idea of ​​facebook from Brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss:

 ‘Insulting certain beliefs is allowed and others completely prohibited‘. For example, Zionism. Any calls for a boycott of Israeli products, due to the massacres that the country carries out in Palestine, are censored. In addition, the probability that content will be removed on Facebook has a lot to do with the power and organizational capacity of the group interested in having it disappear.

Again I am censored on FACEBOOK, I made a comment about the Jews in Patagonia, how they are "RELIGIOUS", FACEBOOK PROTECTS THEM, all thefts and corruption carried out in the name of God are covered and protected by Facebook and social networks.

The Jews KILL, STEAL, LIE, in the name of God, with the protection of the POWERFUL, since they are POWERFUL, BUT THEY WILL NEVER HAVE MORE POWER THAN GOD.

GOD above all, NOBODY above GOD.


Facebook does not allow to help a person with cancer, protecting the JEWS INVADERS OF GOD'S LAND, NOT OF THEM

Assassins ZIONISTS, handed Jesus over to the Romans, what more can we expect from you cowards.

Never turn against the JEWS, you will receive all the punishment from the MASTERS of the world.