JUlia Norma Muñoz Peña, the BIGGEST woman in the world
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Julia Norma Muñoz Peña, the greatest woman in the WORLD.

December 24, 1926 - ETERNITY

For four years I was denied being with my mother, persecucion y desamparo They grew since Sebastian Piñera Echeñique assumed as President of Chile, in 2018, I was accused of anything so that I did not enter the ELEAM of Hualpen.

My mommy the year 1955, when he married my father Juan Siglic Melendez.


A drawing of my mother when she was a child, in Copiapo.



My mother, in her office in the direction of the Industrial School of San Miguel, in Santiago, was the Director of more than 1000 students, and they all loved her.



February 28, 2020, at 93 years and two months, in our new house in the commune of Hualqui, Bio Bio Region, after a month of having left the concentration camp, ELEAM de Hualpen, dependent on the SENAMA-GOVERNMENT FROM CHILE, DAMN CORRUPT.


Goodbye adored mother, it only separates us for a time, I will come to your side so that we can enjoy eternity in the arms of God Jehovah, you were the mother of his WARRIOR No. 1, along with JEREMIAS and JESUS CHRIST.