Nursing home of Hualpèn, torture center
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Those who do not comply with his commandments will not be forgiven by God Jehovah, but I will not say it, it will be something between you and God.

Poor of those who did not respect God, long and tortuous, it will be their way and that of ALL HIS DESCENDANTS, FOR THE CENTURIES OF THE CENTURIES.

1º You will love God above all things.

2nd You will not take the Name of God in vain.

3rd You will sanctify the festivities.

4º You will honor your father and your mother.

5th You will not kill.

6º You will not commit impure acts.

7º You will not steal.

8º You will not give false testimony or lie.

9º You will not consent to impure thoughts or desires.

10º You will not covet the goods of others.